Lightspeed GMI Launches Honesty Detector to Enhance Survey Quality

Lightspeed GMI announced today the launch of their Honesty Detector Service. Honesty Detector is a completely new way to ensure online sample quality by using a statistical approach to eliminate respondents that are providing less than honest responses. With the launch of Honesty Detector, Lightspeed GMI has added a new dimension to online survey quality methods. Lightspeed GMI will continue to apply its industry leading suite of quality measures to ensure that fraudulent respondents are not allowed to join our panels or participate in our research, but Honest Detector opens up a new aspect of quality that helps eliminate those respondents that provide legitimate registration data but less than honest survey responses. Our research has demonstrated that Honesty Detection improves data quality by catching poor responders not identified by traditional validation techniques or in-study controls.


According to David Shanker, CEO of Lightspeed GMI Americas, “We feel that Honesty Detector has given us a real advantage, in part because it can be used on any respondent source and because it has proven essential for any project that requires dynamically sourced respondents, low incidence groups or B2B sample”.


Honesty Detector is a patent pending methodology that utilizes a database of low incidence questions that are periodically asked of panel members; respondents that provide a set of answers that are statistically unlikely are barred from participation. The service can also be used in real time for non-panel sources that typically have a much higher rate of failure. On most panel studies, Honesty Detector only eliminates about 2% of Lightspeed GMI’s proprietary panel respondents. However for low incidence studies, the propensity to over-report poses more risk to research. For example if you have a 5% IR study and a 5% propensity to lie, 50% of your completes will be dishonest.


Industry quality initiatives tend to be country specific due to the availability of databases and technology, but Honesty Detector has proven to be effective in numerous countries and for a variety of sample types. Honesty Detection has been deployed into our production systems in twelve countries across eight languages. Special versions of Honesty Detector have been developed for information technology and healthcare sample as an added way to ensure data quality.



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