Using social media to get to the heart of the matter

Using social media to get to the heart of the matter


A major pharma company wanted to improve their relationship with HCPs by providing new products and services that met patient needs both in terms of products and education around those products. We helped our client, a leading market research agancy devise the means of achieving this goal.

The right stakeholders, the right channels

When we embarked on this project, the healthcare research industry was not yet using webcams to record research findings which the client could subsequently view online. However, we felt that this channel would enable HCPs to deliver immediate and unbiased opinions at a time that suited them. Our stakeholders were open to online research methods because of our long-established, trusted relationships with them. They were also keen to try this new approach to market research

As part of the project:

60 webcam diaries were set up for GPs, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, billing managers and practice managers in large and small independent practices in four locations.

Participants engaged in consultations and other day-to-day activities with their webcam, and recorded a summary at the end of each day, for 10 minutes per day, over four days.

The resulting footage was uploaded to a secure, Facebook-style site that we created, and Novartis was able to access this site as an ongoing resource after the project finished.

We segmented the respondent results by city and patient population size, career stage of the HCP, and whether they worked in a salaried or profit share capacity, as well as by gender.

Diaries were reviewed and follow-up telephone interviews were conducted with each participant via webcam (the Novartis team was able to listen in).

Our client commented:

“We are thrilled with Lightspeed All Global’s work, as is our client. As ever, they have taken a totally different approach and stuck their necks out to get us great data, and it has paid off.”