Using online methods to keep conversation flowing

Using online methods to keep conversation flowing

The challenge

Our client asked us to think about alternatives to the usual face-to-face methodologies to test concepts for the launch of an oncology drug.

The right stakeholders, the right channels

We suggested online research as a time and cost-effective alternative means of eliciting input from busy respondents at different levels and from different areas of the UK. We recruited eight senior oncologists to complete a 90 minute online focus group session to test and then discuss different concepts. We then asked the same respondents to log in and interact on an online bulletin board for 10-15 minutes each day over five days to give further feedback.

The right result

This approach not only saved time and money, the online focus group format also gave respondents more freedom to express themselves fully. This resulted in more dialogue which captured valuable additional insights. The client described the extra information gained as

“the icing on the cake”.

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