Understanding the value of product attributes and optimum pricing levels to achieve access

Understanding the value of product attributes and optimum pricing levels to achieve access


Our clients were looking into developing a factor VIII Haemophilia product and wanted to find out how Payer advising KOLs in this therapy area rated various product attributes. They also wanted to determine how formulary access would vary with differing pricing levels they had tested in different markets.

The right stakeholders, the right channels

We ran in depth telephone interviews with influencers who regularly advised Payers. We carried out hour-long interviews with four Payers per market except in the UK, where only two interviews were required. We then held further in depth telephone interviews with six Haemophilia care center formulary committee members per market.

The right result

By using our contacts to involve different levels of stakeholders within the therapy area, Lightspeed All Global obtained significant insights and useful data for this client. The Payer-advising KOLs from the care center formulary committees were a good option in this case, as they not only contributed a clinical viewpoint, but also gave insight into reimbursement and market access.

The client commented,

"Lightspeed All Global's expert recruitment brought us the extra perspective the client was looking for."

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