Understanding the role of influential oncologists in gaining market access

Understanding the role of influential oncologists in gaining market access


Our client wanted to understand key product value drivers and the role of oncologists in influencing pricing and market access for new lung and breast cancer therapies. Another goal was to gain insights on future Payor management and Phase III trial design options. We recruited Payers and advisors from each of the EU5 markets to meet face-to-face in a European city and spend a day on an advisory board that was set up as a mock formulary committee meeting.

The right stakeholders, the right channels

The session included a full representation from the EU5 markets, from Payers themselves to Payer-advising KOLs, which guaranteed the best level of English in some of the markets. The workshop was conducted in our central London viewing facility.

The right result

The client received a rounded overview of pricing, reimbursement and market access across Europe. Respondents found this approach very interesting, and enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss common experiences with their peers. They were fully engaged in the exercise, creating a rich experience for everyone involved.

“Lightspeed All Global has done a great job in putting this together. It was not an easy task logistically, we were happy that Lightspeed All Global’s team was as engaged and excited about the opportunity as we were. It generated some valuable insights.”

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