58% Don’t Wear Sunscreen on a Daily Basis, Even Though 69% Experienced Serious Sunburn

New York, NY (August 4, 2015) – Although access and readiness of sun effects rule the media, Americans are not taking the recommended actions with sunscreen. In fact, according to a new survey from healthcare data specialists Lightspeed All Global, the majority of respondents (58%) revealed they do not wear sunscreen on a daily basis or follow recommended use.

While summer activities take respondents outdoors, only 27% of respondents re-apply sunscreen every two hours; more than half responded ‘one & done’ when asked about their application of sunscreen while outdoors. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation “sunscreens should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure to allow the ingredients to fully bind to the skin. Reapplication of sunscreen is just as important as putting it on in the first place, so reapply the same amount every two hours. Sunscreens should also be reapplied immediately after swimming, toweling off, or sweating a great deal.”

While Banana Boat (24%) and Coppertone (21%) rated as the most popular brands of sunscreen among respondents, buying decisions are not based on brand loyalty. And, when asked about natural/organic ingredients, respondents indicated price as a leading purchase factor.

Additional key survey findings include:

  • The majority of respondents indicated that they don’t wear sunscreen when it’s cloudy/cold outside (62%)
  • Most respondents (50%) purchase SPF 25-45 sunscreen, followed by SPF 50-75 (29%)

“Extolling the benefits of reapplication is an integral component in properly guarding against sun exposure. There is a clear opportunity for marketers to use this data and conduct additional research to better inform messaging decisions,” stated David Bilicic, Lightspeed All Global’s Vice President. “With two thirds of Americans having suffered from severe sunburns, there is a significant opportunity for sunscreen brands that can best address consumer awareness in more meaningful ways.”



Note to editors: Survey conducted July 2015 on Lightspeed All Global’s U.S. Mobile Panel; 892 respondents age 18+.

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