Global market access study for Biosimilars

Global market access study for Biosimilars


Our client wanted to understand key product value drivers and the role of oncologists in influencing pricing and market access for new lung and breast cancer therapies. A further aim was to gain insights into future Payer management and Phase III trial design options. The study discussed the use of biologics with stakeholders from the US, EU5, Japan, Brazil, Russia, China, Mexico and Turkey. The project needed to take place over the Christmas period, which added to the difficulties in gaining access to high-level stakeholders.

The right stakeholders, the right channels

In fast turnaround studies such as this one, Lightspeed All Global’s strong, long-established relationships with stakeholders were key to success. Another significant factor was our ability to draw on a network of trusted preferred partners in various countries, who match our quality and working standards.

The right result

As a result of this project, our client was able to deliver rich, valuable data to their end client within a very tight timescale, despite the last-minute nature of the commission. The client said:

“We appreciate all the hard work you put into this project, especially with that scale and such a fast turnaround. This shows that Lightspeed All Global has the right avenues and relationships to make something like this happen. We look forward to working with Lightspeed All Global again.”