Sophisticated qualitative research methods

Sophisticated qualitative research methods

We offer a full range of qualitative research services, ensuring that you reach your desired groups of stakeholders in the most efficient and effective way.
Staffed with a team of project managers and moderators who focus solely in qualitative healthcare research.
  • Traditional face-to-face and telephone methodologies, including tele-depth
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Workshops
  • Mock formulatory committees and advisory boards
  • Patient x physician interaction
  • Online qualitative methodologies
  • Market Research Online Communities (MROCs)
  • Social listening
  • Webcam and video diaries
  • Blogs
  • Message boards
  • Voting/polls

Moderation capabilities

Tele-depth: Full-service tele-depth: recruitment, interviewing and reporting; Recruitment only for English speakers

Web-based: Online focus groups; Bulletin boards; WebEx; Webcam Boards / IDI’s

Face-to-face: IDI’s; Triads; Dyads; Mini-groups; Focus groups; In-office interviews

Custom: Multi-European-country  all day workshops in English; Mock formulary committees

Focus groups: enable respondents to discuss and dissect new products/best pricing/positioning in their market

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