15% of Respondents Forgo Sunscreen; 62% Use SPF 30-50 for Children

NEW YORK (August 09, 2016) – From Coppertone to Aveeno; Banana Boat to Neutrogena, Americans have confidence in their sunscreen purchases. A recent Lightspeed All Global Mobile Patient Pulse Poll revealed that 74% of respondents trust the SPF labeling on their sunscreen bottles. Survey results also indicated 68% of respondents reach for SPF 30 or greater (as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology); however, 46% of respondents do not apply sunscreen on a daily basis.August_PatientPulsePoll_2

The Patient Pulse Poll also indicated that moms tend to apply higher levels of SPF to their children than dads do. The majority of respondents who are parents opt for 30-50 SPF for their children; only 15% of parents polled reach for SPF 15 or less.

“In many of the patient surveys we conduct for clients, we often find that parents put their children’s health and wellness needs before their own. Even sunscreen isn’t an exception, as these summer pulse poll results indicate,” stated Marie Fortier, Lightspeed All Global’s Director of Business Development.

Additional key survey findings include:

  • 15% of respondents do not use sunscreen
  • 59% of men skip sunscreen on a daily basis, while 32% of women apply sunscreen every day
  • 30% of females and 24% men utilize sunscreen daily, but only in summer months

Note to editors: Survey conducted June 2016 on Patient Pulse Poll; 1,060 respondents age 18+. For more information, visit

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