Patient Pulse Study: Americans Forgoing Use of Fitness Apps in 2016

71% Prefer MyFitnessPal and FitBit2016_LSAG_MobileStudy_HealthcareAppTracking (2)

New York, NY (February 17, 2016) – The evolution of mobile technology has given rise to a new type of ‘patient’ in the United States; one with increased access to information and healthcare tools. However, a recent survey revealed Americans are forgoing the use of fitness and healthcare apps. Lightspeed All Global’s latest Patient Pulse Survey indicated only 43 percent of survey respondents are utilizing a fitness app and even less (30%) are utilizing a healthcare app.

“Today’s mobile platform gives patients more access to health and wellness information than ever. Part of our job in market research is to be the initial ‘trend spotters,’ and seeing how, when and why our patient panelists adopt new health and wellness routines is of ongoing interest to both us and our clients,” said David Shanker, Lightspeed All Global’s Americas’ CEO. “What may be a surprise to some brands, particularly those in the wearable technology and app space, is how fleeting affinity can be in the digital age.”

Of the survey respondents who opt for an app, both males and females prefer MyFitnessPal, a free nutrition and calorie database. Survey respondents also favor FitBit, RunKeeper and MyPlate.

“Our clients across a broad array of healthcare verticals all find themselves adjusting how they are communicating to both patients and physicians based on constantly evolving uses and consumption of technology,” stated Shanker.

Further key survey findings include:

  • App Loyalty: 93% of survey respondents who utilize an app would highly recommend to friends and family
  • App Accuracy: 92% of survey respondents feel their app is accurate and up to date
  • App Continuity: 57% of survey respondents have been using a fitness app for more than six months2016_LSAG_MobileStudy_FitnessAppTracking (2)

Note to editors: Survey conducted January 2016 on Lightspeed All Global’s Patient Pulse Poll; 931 respondents age 18+.

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