Modern Slavery Statement

Lightspeed: Due Diligence in Our Business and Our Supply Chain.

Lightspeed is part of Kantar, a subsidiary of WPP.

WPP have conducted an internal risk assessment and ascertained that as a professional service firm the risk of trafficking or slavery in our direct workforce is very low.

WPP have a central Commercial and Procurement Services (C&PS) team and they manage the appointment of “preferred suppliers”, where contracts are entered into the WPP parent level. Each WPP operating company is required to use WPP’s “preferred suppliers” for commonly purchased goods and services, whenever possible. The due diligence for WPP’s “preferred suppliers” is described in WPP statement.

In addition, each operating company is expected to maintain a list of locally preferred and approved suppliers based upon the formal selection process outlined in WPP’s procurement policy.

In Kantar we expect all these preferred and approved suppliers to abide by the same principles outlined in the WPP Business Code of Conduct. As part of our supplier contracts, it is a mandatory requirement that they either sign the WPP Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers or confirm their adherence to their own Code of Business Conduct that comprises of the same principles.

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