In 2015, Lightspeed All Global surveyed 66 oncologists in the U.S. balanced by practice type. Results of the study include:

  • The Future Trend of PD-1 Drugs
  • The Future Trend of Biosimilar Interchangeability
  • The Future of Biosimilar Discounts
  • Drivers of Health System/Practice Integration

“Based on good safety records to date coupled with positive patient outcomes and the promise of significant cost savings, biosimilars are changing the healthcare industry. The complexity of the  manufacturing process and a hypercompetitive environment will prove challenging to pharmaceutical companies as they make big investments to bring biosimilars to the approval stage in the U.S.,” stated David Bilicic, Lightspeed All Global’s Vice President. “Marketing research will play an especially important role as insights are needed to develop messaging to healthcare professionals, payers, caregivers and patients to effectively differentiate biosimilars.”

Click here to access the infographic.


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