2015_FluShot_MenvsWomen_2Only 33% Polled Got Flu Shots This Year; 43% Don’t Intend To

Is last year’s aggressive flu virus yesterday’s news? While the length and severity of the 2014 flu season might still be top of mind for some Americans, results from Lightspeed All Global’s Patient Pulse Poll indicate a shift in concern this year.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) still recommends being vaccinated against the flu virus, yet only 33% of survey respondents in the Lightspeed All Global survey already got a flu shot this year, and 43% have not and don’t intend to. The leading reasons for not getting a flu shot differ amongst the sexes; 36% of women feel there are too many health risks associated with getting the shot, while 43% of men cited that they’re overall healthy and never get the flu.

Super Healthy, or Lack of Paid Sick Leave?
Seasonal illness didn’t result in sick days for our panelists — an overwhelming 89% of respondents missed no more than two days of work due to colds or flu in the past 12 months. But does this indicate a healthy workforce or is lack of paid sick leave cultivating a society of medical martyrs?2015_FluShot_Rates

According to the CDC, each year an average of five to 20 percent of the U.S. population gets the flu each year, and the result is $16.3 billion in lost earnings annually. And recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) studies indicate that a large number of Americans, particularly those in service-providing industries and part-time employment situations, do not have paid sick leave policies where they work. Sick day policies aside, respondents to the Lightspeed All Global survey take a number of additional precautions to ensure they aren’t hit with the flu virus, citing covering while coughing (18%) and frequent hand washing (16%) as the leading preventative measures.

Note to editors: Survey conducted October 2015 on Lightspeed All Global’s Patient Pulse Poll; 854 respondents age 18+.

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