Taking the pain out of collecting international chart reports

Taking the pain out of collecting international chart reports


Our client, a market research and strategic consulting agency, wanted to conduct a patient chart record study with Primary Care Physicians (PCPs/GP’s), ortho surgeons, pain management specialists, rheumatologists, neurologists and rehab medicine professionals in the USA, EU5 and Japan on the topic of chronic lower back pain. They wanted to identify and prioritise visceral pain conditions based on an initial screen of 64 conditions and condition characteristics / treatment (including severity, degree of pain resolution and persistence, addressable patients and percentage of time the patients have had pain).

The right stakeholders, the right channels

We started by collecting four patient charts for each of the 3,200 respondents. We worked with our local panels and our affiliates to achieve the desired quota, working around the fact that patient charts have a lower than average industry response rate by providing strong local account management and offering respondents incentives per completed chart.

The right result

The full quota of 2,400 charts was achieved within a record three weeks of the survey launch. In total, we collected 12,800 patient charts. The President and Founding Partner of the client company commented:

“Lightspeed All Global’s work is always outstanding, and this project was no exception.”