Engaging physicians to deliver high quality results from long studies

Engaging physicians to deliver high quality results from long studies


Our client wanted to conduct a patient chart project researching NSCLC patients, with a minimum of 500 high quality records per market in the UK and the US. Each patient record segment took 15 minutes to complete and each physician was asked to complete at least 4 patient records. This was a challenge as there was no precedent for conducting research with such a long patient chart component (in excess of 60 minutes).

The right stakeholders, the right channels

We ran an assessment to identify physicians who could help us to clarify the storage format for NSCLC patient records as well as the number of records held per physician and the time taken to access those records. We then used screener questions to qualify those results. From this process, we ascertained that a fielding approach would deliver high quality results and enable us to deliver the large volume of charts required. We allowed physicians to choose the number of charts they would submit within a flexible range and emphasised that respondents could complete the survey in bite-size chunks by suspending it and returning between records as necessary.

The right results

We exceeded the required 500 charts per market on time and on budget while maintaining the quality of data expected. Kantar Health commented,

"Working with you and your colleagues has been very constructive. Your team is at all times customer-orientated and engaged in solving problems. I appreciate your teamwork very much and look forward to working with you on further projects."